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Create Exodus Wallet.

With the Exodus wallet you can easily and securely store your cryptocurrency. You can also easily exchange between 2 currencies.
It is actually your wallet for your digital coins and is very easy to use.
For example, from the very handy BTC Direct platform you can already purchase for 30 of: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Xrp ripple.
You register once and you can get started.
Then you can transferred into: your Bitcoin address, Litecoin address and so on in your exodus wallet.
It is very clearly indicated on Btc Direct what you need to do for this.

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BTC Direct

Exodus wallet download link

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XRP:     r4ZNsnSMangnEFThJu8uqYfsmBDfatFhmW

BTC:     12ufWDcb4A2iqmCXAXKfZ7zPUGqKzwBnHR

ETH:     0xbb11c4c8c09783a4A337CB3234C4dE43A1C00029

LTC:     Le356CihQxg6qumwMeaChdwERZUSz2w5uX